Is the home of a newly recognized British Buffalo Bills fan.  The Rookie is a British Expat who was searching for an NFL team to support after his cross Atlantic move from Great Britain to the new land of the USA.

The beauty of his move gave him some freedom to choose a team from scratch considering he had no major ties to any other franchise in the league.  After careful consideration The Rookie came up with some benchmarks to narrow down the field of NFL teams to a smaller size.  The categories were:

1.  History – The chosen team had to have some major history, been around awhile.  The Rookie doesn’t like squeaky new teams, so Super Bowl 50 finalists Carolina Panthers were one of those eliminated early on,

2.  Lack of Success – The Rookie doesn’t want to be seen as a glory hunter, so he wanted to make sure that his new NFL side had little to no recent Super Bowl success, so this would eliminate such sides as New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens etc.

3.  Not Local – The obvious choice for The Rookie in his new neighborhood would be the Pittsburgh Steelers, as the vast majority of people around him supported them, but like the Philadelphia Eagles, The Rookie wanted an out of state franchise to root for during the NFL seasons.

4.  Unpopular – It could be easy decision to choose a popular side like the Patriots, Packers or even the Giants or Dolphins, so The Rookie wanted to choose a side that doesn’t have the largest support.

5.  Logo – The Rookie wanted to rock a cool hat or jacket with the franchise logo on it, something that represented America.

So with all that being said The Rookie opted for the beloved Buffalo Bills.

So now that I cleared that up, i will tell you a bit more about this blog and the rest of what makes The Rookie an interesting person to follow.  The Rookie will try to provide a weekly blog/vlog posts, generic Buffalo Bill news, occasional gameplay from PS3 or Xbox One, predictions all that creative goodness, bundled in with the fact that The Rookie is a huge amateur in the sport, and is still very wet behind the ears.  He barely knows the rules.

So stick around The Rookie and watch him try and get to grips with American Football and the Buffalo Bills.

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